• Citizen Wong

Egypt travel experience

Recall the memory about traveling Egypt, that is unforgettable!

Egypt pyramids

Chase back to studying history in high school, the first time I saw the pyramid, mummy and coffin on textbook, I was already fascinated by all these things. All of these are so mysterious, so technical and artistic! Since travel Egypt last time, it's been 10 years already, but I still remember how great is there~


Who is saying their food are not delicious? I do love their food, they are VERY DELICIOUS!
不知為什麼很多人說到了埃及沒東西好吃, 但我說:他們的食物很美味呢! 至少我所吃到的是~

Soup of seafood with bread
Soup of seafood

Egypt kids

train station at night
Train station

hot air balloon
Hot air balloon

Lost in Khan Al-khalili, Cairo
Lost in Khan Al-khalili, Cairo

Beautiful Nile River
Beautiful Nile River

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