• Citizen Wong


Hello everyone! I'm so glad to announce that WE PERCEIVE by Little Gallery is OPENING!

We Perceive logo

Welcome for visiting! A little different from the sister brand Material Game ©, We Perceive provide you a wide range of printed product for home decor, gifts and stationery.

Would you feel the current lifestyle is so boring? We know life isn't always fun, but getting and achieving something, or making a different can be exciting.

Actually I don't have a very clear idea on how to build up a brand, I think I'm on the way to learn something new, and this is interesting. I do want to share with all of you about this.

Let's focus on what are we perceiving!

I always think we don't need to follow only 1 or a few trends because what we perceive is our fashion. Living life is all about what we see, what we feel and where we go, isn't it?

What am I going to share with you in We Perceive ©?

Something traditional, something interesting, something abstract, something unreal, some of question, some of my thought, etc. No matter you like my creation or not, I would be very welcome to receive any feedback:)

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