• Citizen Wong

Would your boss or colleagues talk about job with you during LUNCH BREAK?

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

I guess almost everyone would have such an experience that your boss or colleagues look for you to discuss the job when you are enjoying your lunch, what would you think for that?

We will never understand why there are so many inconsiderate bosses and colleagues in the world, they may ask you to do something which is not your duty, they may pass the buck, and they may TALK JOB WITH YOU during lunch break! Are they DON"T NEED TO EAT??

You may probably want to tell them - "PLEASE DO NOT RUIN MY LUNCH BREAK!! This is MY PRIVATE TIME officially and legally!!" But sorry, it's so hard to say it out~

So I think maybe we can SHOW THEM the message through the other way~😄

Regular Black t-shirt with a quote of "eat first, job later"

Ta-da~ This is my new INVENTION! 😆

Wearing a T-shirt with quote is an act to spreading the message in a way. And the message reveals WHAT YOU THINK and WHAT YOU BELIEVE at the same time. The most important is that WE DESERVE A HAPPY LUNCH BREAK. THE BETTER WORK CULTURE, THE HIGHER TEAM EFFICIENCY WILL BE.

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