Our Story

   What We Perceive Is Our Fashion  

Welcome for visiting! A little different from the sister brand Material Game©, We Perceive© provide you a wide range of printed product for home decor, gifts and stationery.

Actually I don't have a very clear idea on how to build up a brand, I think I'm on the way to learn something new, and this is interesting. I do want to share with all of you about this.

Let's focus on what are we perceiving! I always think we don't need to follow only 1 or a few trends because what we perceive is our fashion. Living life is all about what we see, what we feel and where we go, isn't it?

What am I going to share with you in We Perceive © ?
Something traditional, something interesting, something abstract, something unreal, some of question, some of my thought, etc. No matter you like my creation or not, I would be very welcome to receive any feedback:) SHOP ->